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Custom Sneaker and Commissioned Work

I realize often times individuals are seeking something unique in terms of 2D work. Please read the descriptions below for custom sneaker pieces and general commissioned work. I have Venmo, Paypal, and CashApp. Other payment accommodations can be discussed. Contracts can be written via invoice for deposits to hold me accountable as the designer and you as the client. 


Sneaker Designs


- Leather Paint

- Posca Pens

*All of these materials are permanent and allow for the designs to be protected from moisture/weather. 


- I can purchase the sneakers on your behalf but I will include the cost of the sneakers into the total fee. If you have your own sneakers, they can be shipped.

- I charge $25 an hour and work typically takes 8 hours depending on the scope/conceptual requests from you. 

- Any design, image, and/or request can be accommodated with discretion. 

- I do ask for a $100 deposit before I start the work and that cost is not separate from the hourly rate. In other words, if the shoe took me 8 hours and you already deposited $100, the remaining cost is $100.

- I do charge a $25 fee in addition to the hourly rate for shipping. 

IMG_7787 2.JPG

Other Commissioned Work

If you are in need of 2D/Flat Work in the form of a drawing or painting, that can be accommodated as well. 

Price depends on scale, materials, reference material, time, and research. I typically calculate the price per square inch (scale) and then add the cost of materials and time (research). Whatever that price may be, I do ask for half the total cost before I start the project. 

*Contracts can be made and written. 


Shipping costs can vary and will be added to the cost of the work as well.


IMG_7787 2.JPG

Stickers, Magnets, Pins, & Prints

If there are original pieces in my shop that you like but may be out of your price range, but you were interested in purchasing a sticker, magnet, pin, and/or signed print, that can certainly be arranged. 

Simply email me: and request the piece you want a sticker, magnet, pin, and/or print of. 

Stickers: $6 - $10

Magnets & Pins: $10 - $15

Prints: $25 - $100

*Large reproductions in terms of prints can cost more. 

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